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What Types Of Kitchen Cabinets Are There?

Kitchen cabinets differ primarily in their shape. Their function is theoretically variable, but over time, certain uses have been established for each type of kitchen cabinet:

Base units: Base every kitchen where the work surface is mounted.

Tallcabinets: Traditionally used as a pantry, tall cabinets, especially so-called pharmacy cabinets, are becoming increasingly popular because of their large storage space.

Wall cupboards: In this, glasses, cups and other lighter dishes are traditionally stored. Supplies that need to be stored dry, such as spices, flour, sugar or muesli, are often housed here.

Corner cupboards: The classic is the corner base cupboard with a revolving door, and is mostly used to store pots and pans.

Built-in cupboards: These kitchen cupboards offer space for stoves, dishwashers and the like and make the electronic devices look almost "disappear".