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  • Whats the material that cabinets are made from?
    At GRD Home Improvement we beleive in providing nothign but the best quality to our customers. We do not use compressed wood dust also known as particle boards on our cabinets. Our cabinets are made of European Birch wood. European Birch is a strong, fine-grained wood that is mainly off-white in color,although it may contain light hues of yellow-brown or pink. It may also containnatural imperfections which add character and uniqueness to the wood. Coating explained from Left to Right The finest European Birch is sanded until smooth and vacuumed. An equalizer stain is applied to balance the base color of the wood. A toner is then applied to establish color uniformity. A deep penetrating stain is applied to reveal the hidden beauty of the natural grain. All stained surfaces are hand-rubbed and wiped of excess stain, and slowly air-dried. A wood sealer is then applied, penetrating all exposed wood surfaces for uniform protection. All surfaces are then hand-sanded, providing a smooth, consistent surface. A glaze is applied by hand (if applicable). A color consistency examination is performed with additional touch-up if needed. A final protective top coat is applied. maximizing resistance to sc-uffing, moisture, fading and most household chemicals.
  • Does these cabinets come assembled? What does RTA Cabinets mean?
    Our cabinets does not come assebled, they need to be assembled. We call them Ready-to-Assemble Cabients also known as RTA Cabinets. As the name explains it all, these cabinets come in a flat pack along with all the hardware needed for assembly, with all parts cut to size, holes drilled where they are needed, and are fully finished and ready to use as soon as they are put together.
  • How to recognize good quality RTA cabinets?
    Lke all smart consumers its always best to be prepared before hand on how to recognize and differentiate between good quality andpoor quality. Here are some pointers to help you out. Check or ask material of kitchen cabinets, you do not want to invest your money in cabinets made from particleboards of medium density fiberboard (MDF). Its advisable to purchase cabinets made from solid wood. Stay away from stapled particleboard drawers inste ad lok out for solid wood drawerd with dovetail joints. Avoid integrated rail drawer guides, good quality cabinet manufacturer would always use full extension drawer guides mostly with soft close to avoid banging of doors. Maske sure doors of cabinet have solid wood frame, with center panels made of solid wood or plywood. We reccomend to avoid doors made of veneered particleboard or MDF. Good quality hardware to assemble cabinets is equally important as much as the solid qood construction. Cheaper hardware can sometimes be harmful to cabinets and could lead to short life of cabinets. things like soft close drawers, soft close doors, strategically placed cam locks, frnt metall brackets to hold frame and cabinet box together and door bumpers to acoid scratching the frame or doors.
  • If these are real wood cabinets and of excellent quality, why are the prices so cheap?"
    GRD Home Improvement cabinets are real birch wood cabinets, with top of the line hardware to compliment with the quality of cabinets. Q. Lot of customers ask me this question ask if these are such a good quality cabinets as we claim how come they are so much affordable, compared to assembled cabinets? Answer to this question is pretty simple, saviings come in 2 ways Because these cabinets come to you un-assembled / disassembled in the form of ready-to-assemble or RTA, they save us lot of cost in transportation and warehousing (storage) - basically they take much lesser room compared to asssembled cabinets. You are buyiing an RTA so we do not have to charge you for assembling them before we deliver them to you, in other words you will be saving labor charges as yoou would be taking care of assembly and installation, by either doiing it yourself or hiring a third party cabinet installer / contractor.
  • How easy is it to assemble RTA Cabinets?
    Ready-to-assemble cabinets have become so popular in part because they are so easy to put together. Most products need nothing more than wood dowels, and screws, most of which is usually supplied with the cabinets, along with clear instructions. Cabinets, drawers, and doors are predrilled for attaching hardware and hinges, and everything is cut to size and match perfectly with each other. Often the only tool you will need for assembly is a screwdriver, glue and sometimes clamps to hold cabinet together (when you are working alone). However, you may want to refer to online videos showing on How RTA cabinets can be assembled. A review of these can help prevent common assembly mistakes.
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