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What To Look Out When Buying Bathroom Vanity Wholesale?

Vanities, unlike other bathroom furniture, As a result, vanities are significantly more long-term components than other bathroom furniture. For this reason, while purchasing a bathroom vanity wholesale, you should be aware of the various types and styles available. To assist you, this blog will go through all of the varieties you should be aware of and the evergreen style options you can select from to achieve an optimum result.

The Two Factors that Matter

Knowing the 3 Best Types


Floating bathroom vanities are vanities that are mounted on the wall. Modern and contemporary designs are more likely to feature this sort of vanity. Floating vanities conserve floor space while adding a stylish touch to your bathroom.

Free Standing

The conventional vanity is "free-standing," which means it sits on the floor and is secured to the wall with screws. When it comes to buying bathroom vanity wholesale, free-standing vanities are the most popular choice.

Open Space

Open-space vanities are a terrific way to give your bathroom, a light, and spacious atmosphere. Open space vanities have storage space that is not hidden behind doors or drawers. They're entertaining, inviting, and brighten the room!

Choosing From the Three Best Styles


Modern bathroom vanities are designed with prominent trends from the mid-century modern era. With a fondness for sharp, bold, and simple lines, these vanities enhance minimalist ideals. Modern vanities are typically black or white with chrome or brushed nickel hardware. The goal is to keep the design simple while focusing on the bathroom's functionality. Simple, clean, quick access, and comfortable storage.


Antique vanities are far more ornate and ornamental than modern vanities. Antique vanities are frequently inspired by classic Art-Deco expressions to capture the rustic aesthetic of the past. Aged vanities with intricate details that line the cabinet frame and wind down the legs, announcing fashion, elegance, and luxury, can be found. Legs that are bowed or pilastered are also frequent. Antique vanities are available in a variety of rustic and country designs. This style is perfect for homes with Old World fashion, rustic, country, cottage style, and ranch designs.


A transitional style combines old and new elements, a hybrid if you will. A-frame architecture comparable to that of a modern vanity is common in transitional vanities. The vanity itself will be a touch more ornate, with beveled panels and subtle accents to add depth to the cabinets. If you think modern vanities are too plain but antique vanities are too old-fashioned, transitional is a terrific option.


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