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The Kitchen Cabinet: A Space Saver And An Element Of Organization

Base units form the foundation of a kitchen, the so-called kitchen cabinet. In addition to the generous storage space that you create in the base units, the body of the kitchen cupboard has another function: the worktop is attached to the kitchen body.

When choosing your base cabinets, you should have already given some thought to what material your worktop will be.

Heavy materials, such as a kitchen worktop made of granite, other natural stones or concrete, need particularly robust bodies.

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The heavy utensils are usually stowed in the kitchen base cabinets. In this way, you not only avoid the risk of wall cabinets falling if they are not properly fastened, but also that heavy kitchen utensils slip away and cause damage.

A special element in the kitchen is the sink cabinet, which is traditionally used to store cleaning agents and the like. A lot of space is often wasted here, with some clever organization aids you can make optimal use of the space under the sink.