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The Benefits of Frameless Cabinets

If you're planning to do some renovation to your kitchen in the budget, just simply upgrading the kitchen cabinetry can do the trick for you. Cabinets come in various style and design that can turn your ordinary kitchen into a stylish one. But before choosing the cabinet, make sure whether you want framed cabinets, frameless cabinets or inset cabinets.

Once you made your decision, remember that cabinet choice is a key to having enough storage and access to your kitchen items when you need them.There are different types of cabinets distinguish by space, reducing clutter, contemporary style but before we go there, let's discuss the option available, so you can get the best selection for your kitchen.

The Benefits of Frameless Cabinets

In comparison to design, the framed cabinets and inset cabinets are similar. Both types of cabinets comprise a face frame on the front of the cabinet, which is the fourth side of the cabinet makes it stronger.

Framed cabinets come with door hinges connected to the face frame, making the doors overlay the face frame. Inset cabinets are similar to frames cabinets having face frame, with inset cabinetry, the doors are flush, set into the frame.

Precision is the key to inset cabinetry because it ensures the doors/drawers must be perfectly aligned and fit squarely. The style of inset and framed cabinetry comes from traditional American style cabinetry. Frameless kitchen cabinets have no face frame means the doors are attached directly through the sie panels providing greater access to the cabinets and affording a cleaner sleeker appearance. Frameless cabinetry is the modern style.

Benefits of Frameless Cabinets

As we have mentioned above, the frameless cabinets maximise space while providing a sleek and contemporary style to the kitchen. Besides, its drawers and door margins are less than a one-quarter inch which provides it with the greater ability to customize frameless cabinets. Because of no frameless cabinets, the entire interior of the cabinet allows for storage.

While the frame provides strength, the face frame limits access to the cabinet space. This is the reason why frameless cabinets are also known as full access design. Also, these cabinets don't have a vertical partition (stile), which makes it difficult to larger objects like dinner plates and serving pieces without manoeuvring them manually into the cabinet. No use of vertical stile lower the risk for damage to dishes is greatly reduced.

The storage space of drawers in frameless cabinets is bigger than the other types of cabinets. The door of the cabinet is flat, which makes it adjustable. Similarly, the drawer has a bigger space because of the no frame face. Thus, buying a frameless kitchen cabinet is an ideal option for those who are looking for a sleeker, cleaner, and classier look, perfect for today’s modern living.


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