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Simple Tricks To Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

Why clean white cabinets turn yellow? The biggest culprit of this situation is the direct sunlight that yellows or discolors the wood painted white or white laminate surfaces.

The second reason is the stove. As soon as you start cooking, microscopic particles of food and fat spread into the air and these particles, of course, have to land somewhere. That place, of course, is your white kitchen cabinets.

So when you start boiling, cooking or frying something on the stove, be sure to turn on the aspirator to prevent at least some of the particles from ruining your cupboards and the area around the stove.

Experts recommend the following mixture to remove the yellow color in white cabinets: 1 cup of vinegar, 2 cups of warm water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. And to keep the cabinets white, wipe them once a month with warm water and a degreaser.

Abrasive materials such as sandpaper or dish scouring sponges should never be used on painted cabinets, as they scratch and dull the surface. Instead, a soft cotton cloth that you slightly moisten with warm water will be sufficient to keep your cabinets clean.

Cleaning the Kitchen Cabinet is probably one of the most difficult parts to do. Although Kitchen Cabinets are made of different materials, they are usually covered with a protective layer of varnish.

European style kitchen cabinets are generally contaminated by moisture particles mixed with oil formed during cooking. If the cleaning intervals are extended, these oil particles become stratified and their cleaning becomes very difficult.

This residue causes both a bad appearance and an unpleasant odor. Hand and fingerprints on the kitchen cabinet are also a separate concern. The key to cleaning the kitchen cabinet is to ensure continuity at periodic intervals.

While cleaning the Kitchen Cabinet, never wipe your cupboards with a dish cloth. When cleaning your kitchen cabinet, avoid strong detergents or chemicals that can corrode your wood.

The most important element of Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning is ventilation. You should provide this with the hood that best suits the structural form of your Kitchen Cabinet. It will be very difficult to keep your cabinets clean in a poorly ventilated kitchen.

The biggest enemy of wooden decoration products is moisture. Good ventilation will also help extend the life of the White shaker kitchen cabinets. You can do daily cleaning of all wooden parts of the Kitchen Cabinet with the help of liquid detergent and a soft cloth. Do not wet your cleaning cloth too much while cleaning. Water goes to intermittent parts of your furniture and causes damage.

When cleaning the kitchen cabinet accessories, you should check in advance whether the cleaning detergent you use will damage the accessories. The chemicals in some cleaning materials can destroy the colors of the metals.

Stay away from hard and scratching materials while cleaning both the wooden parts of the kitchen cabinet and its accessories. When cleaning the Kitchen Cabinet, never use scraping methods to remove a stain accumulated on your kitchen cabinet or kitchen counter.


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