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Shaker Style Still a Perfect Cabinetry Choice

Shaker style cabinets have been a favored choice among people for many years. The shaker kitchen cabinets render timeless charm to any kitchen style. The timeless style and refined design make them an excellent solution whether you're renovating your kitchen or wants some changes.

Shaker style cabinets

When you looking for a new cabinet, you will be presented with two types of door, one is slab and the other is shakers. Slabs come with a solid piece of smooth wood with a plan and sleek design. Slabs are classic but they have not much detailing.

On the other hand, the shaker has charm, texture that making it a cabinetry classic that will stay around for many years.

Shaker Style Cabinets Design

The design and texture of shaker style cabinets often look like a rectangle set within a rectangle or square inside a square with a hole between the two. Its timeless feature and refined design make it a popular choice among many homeowners. The design can combine with any kitchen design and will still look incredible in 15 years or more.

The doors of these cabinets are well varnished, left painted or natural to suit the finish and style of your kitchen bathroom design. You can also see these cabinets painted in a cream or white color, these light colors intensify the space, making it look clean and spacious.

No matter how stylish your home is, the shaker style of cabinet intensifies your kitchen interior and adding charm to space and creating a "wow" factor.

Types Of Shaker Style Cabinets

The shaker style cabinet comes in a wide range depending on a host of different color options and wood. Those who are looking to give their kitchen an environmental touch can choose from spectacular bamboo options. Those who are looking for solid and stylish wood can go for the many other wooden options available in the market.

To make the cabinetry look more classic, integrated it with granite worktops is an exceptional choice. The sheer beauty of doors combined with natural stone makes them stand out. Because of smooth and flat worktops, the versatility of the cabinets ensures that your kitchen looks marvelous.


Those who want to create environmental friendly space in their kitchen can use bamboo for the cabinets and floors that create beauty at its best. While these cabinets remain classic, it's crucial to assure you only purchase from a reputed supplier that is known for their reliability.

Also, before buying the cabinet, do some online research before making any decisions and see how cabinets will combine with your kitchen design.

There is no right or wrong choice while choosing the cabinet, just makes sure that they work within the space. Plus, a contemporary kitchen will benefit from the shaker options, while an ultra-modern kitchen that is brilliant white will benefit from the slab options.


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