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Organizing Kitchen Cabinets Is Very Easy: 4 Tricks

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where you store the most things and for this reason it becomes important to organize frameless kitchen cabinets easily. From food in the fridge and in the pantry to pots, pans, glasses, plates, tablecloths and a very long etcetera of day to day essential elements. Whether you like it or not, kitchen is one of the places where you spend the most time, to cook, to wash dishes and to store all the food on its corresponding shelves.

Here are the 4 tricks to make the most of the space:

1: How to organize kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers are usually on the counter top and the number will vary depending on how high this area is. The basic rule is to use the largest drawers for objects such as pots, bowls, paella pans and anything else that takes up more space. Of course, do it in an orderly way so that it is easier for you to take everything you need to cook. Use the first drawer to store all the cutlery, you can add dividers to convert it into a double-decker drawer in which the spoons and knives do not pile up . 2: Stop accumulating pans: Pan Organizer

In relation to this, the drawer that you use to store the pans needs a separate mention. Yes, it is true that we usually put them all in the same bag and pile them in the pot drawer.

A very simple trick to always have them at hand is to use aluminum or metal pan organizers of different sizes.

It is a very comfortable way to keep order in the kitchen. You can also go for Shaker style cabinets or real wood kitchen cabinets as they give practical and functional touch to the cooking space.

3: You can organize the pantry closet

In the pantry, people place and store all kinds of food cans, cereals, cans of preserves and non-perishable foods such as rice or pasta. It is the closet that is opened the most times, with permission from the fridge, and it is also usually the least organized of all.

Something essential is to have elements that organize everything you have in our pantry such as shelves, hangers, grey shaker kitchen cabinets or even boxes to put bottles of water, milk or spices.

Place the items that weigh the most at the bottom and reveal everything that is necessary to cook each day such as salt, sugar, oil or vinegar.

Store the foods that do not expire in the back and put in front everything that can rot or become in poor condition to consume it as soon as possible.

4: Kitchen Furniture Accessories

Comfort and simplicity are not at odds with having a nice and careful decoration. The kitchen is the perfect place to add decorative elements that also help you store all kinds of kitchen utensils, such as a vertical shelf or European style kitchen cabinets, especially if it is a small kitchen.


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