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Kitchen Cabinets: Your Service Partner In The Kitchen

Almost nothing works in the kitchen without kitchen cabinets that connect together to form the kitchenette and provide a solid work surface for cooking.

Matching cabinets give the stove, oven and sink a uniform framework so that the kitchen looks harmonious. Heavy pots and pans are well kept in base cabinets, while light items such as sugar, coffee or cornflakes can be stored in a wall cabinet.

When looking for a suitable cabinet, you should think about beforehand what you want to keep in it and where you want to set it up.

Do you like to cook with lots of spices? Pharmacy cabinets are a good choice for the clear storage of small jars, bags or shakers. But sugar, coffee or flour can also be quickly removed from the practical compartments of this kitchen furniture. The mostly slim tall cabinets also fill kitchen niches well.

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