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Kitchen Cabinets- Storage Options With Style

The kitchen is one of the most important living spaces in a home. Here people cook, eat, bake and talk. So it's no wonder that many people want a beautiful, spacious kitchen.

With various kitchen cabinets, you can use the available space ideally and create space for living.

These are available individually or as a fitted kitchen. Can be equipped with tall cabinets, wall cabinets or base you get plenty of storage space for dishes, cooking utensils, spices and the like and give a kitchen a certain atmosphere.

Which models you choose also depends on the size of the room. For example, very few cupboards fit into small one- room apartments, while a spacious eat-in kitchen cabinets.

So-called kitchen islands are also a good solution here. These offer even more storage and work space and ensure a luxurious overall appearance.

So before deciding on a particular, there are a few things to consider:

  • Have all measurements been taken? The available height, width and depth are important.

  • Can practical corner cabinets be placed in the corners?

  • How much should be stowed, so how much space do I need?

  • Where exactly the connections for the stove are, sink?

Opening mechanisms

In addition, you can choose between different opening mechanisms. The most common are doors that open outwards or that fold upwards.

Another practical variant is the so-called "tip-on" mechanism. Here the cabinet doors do not have a handle, but are simply opened automatically with a light tap. A Handleless kitchen also exudes a very futuristic look and goes well with a modern furnishing style.

Kitchen cabinets dimensions

When furnishing the kitchen, it is not only important that the available space is used optimally, but also that the cupboards are adapted to your height. Cooking is even more enjoyable when both the worktop and the cupboards are attached so that they can be handled optimally.

Last but not least, back and neck pain as well as tension are prevented. To determine the correct height, the elbow height is relevant. The worktop should be about 10-15 cm below your elbows. This ensures a comfortable posture.

Base Grey shaker kitchen cabinets are an important part of the kitchen and ensure that the worktop is at a comfortable height. They also offer storage space or frame the sink. Thanks to adjustable feet, they can be adapted to your own body size.

As a rule, the depth is 60 cm and is therefore adapted to the common sizes of ovens and refrigerators. Depending on your needs and preferences, base units are equipped with large compartments, drawers or other elements.

Corner cabinets with so-called revolving units, in which pots or pans can be stored, are ideal when there is little space.

Since European style kitchen cabinets have to carry a lot of weight, they are usually made of hard-wearing wood or wooden materials such as MDF. What clearly differs, however, are the different fronts.

Here you not only have the choice between different materials, but also between various colors and styles. For example, those who like the modern furnishing style choose high-gloss fronts.

Fans of the country house style or rustic furnishings, on the other hand, can choose wooden fronts. These exude warmth and comfort.


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