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Kitchen Cabinets: An Impeccable Element For Your Kitchen

Just a couple of decades ago, most people had typical furniture in their homes and all kitchen cabinets were made to standard sizes.

The rapid development of technology has led to the fact that a modern person, when choosing a cabinet, can give free rein to his imagination and order a unique set.

Increasing the working space, creating a kitchen island or equipping the kitchen with additional, non-standard elements - this is only a small part of what has become possible today.

Frameless kitchen cabinets

Depending on the purpose of using the space, kitchen cabinets are divided into several types. Each housewife, who spends more time in the kitchen than others, must decide in advance about the need for this or that cabinet.

In addition, it is important to plan the Grey shaker kitchen cabinets’ arrangement right away. A competent and thoughtful approach will allow you to save time in the future and get maximum pleasure from cooking.

As a standard, all kitchen cabinets are divided into two main types: floor-standing and wall-mounted. They can be monolithic and create the appearance of one large cabinet, or they can be located in separate units in different parts of the kitchen.

It is better to make the facades of floor cabinets solid, for example, from MDF or wood. Hanging ones will look spectacular with glass, stained glass inserts - which will add a certain charm to the whole kitchen.

When ordering individually, it is better to give preference to built-in wardrobes, which are an integral part of the interior. Among the modern, improved elements of the kitchen set are:

A pencil case is ideal if there is a narrow, free space. Inside, you can make several separate shelves or leave one large niche for any dimensional things;

Wardrobe-table is a versatile piece of furniture that is optimal for a small kitchen. It can be made in two variations: in the form of a sideboard or a sideboard. In both cases, there is a folding table top that serves as a dining table. Drawers and shelves are located inside such a cabinet;

Sink cabinet- can be straight or corner. Allows you to make good use of the space under the sink, where there is usually nothing but a trash can. In a furniture company, you can order shelves and boxes of suitable size, which will serve for household chemicals and other kitchen utensils.

Serial production of furniture is always cheaper than individual furniture, which means that the cost of each individual unit will be relatively low.

It is very simple to explain this- all machines are configured for certain parameters, each operation is already programmed and does not require additional intervention. Any of the manufacturers has its own standards, although the average dimensions of the Frameless kitchen cabinets can still be distinguished:

The three most common cabinet widths are 40, 60 and 80 cm, respectively, the facades are made of the same size. Values such as 15, 20 or 50 cm are also likely, but are rare and from specific manufacturers.

The standard applies equally to upper and lower kitchen cabinets;the height of the wall cabinets is 36, 72 or 96 cm. The latter option is not in great demand, but is very relevant for a small kitchen, when it is necessary to take up the maximum of free and unclaimed space.


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