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Kitchen cabinet mechanisms: ergonomic and comfortable furniture in your home

Manufacturers complete all modern furniture models with similar elements. This is no longer a luxury, but rather the opposite - a necessary part of the comfortable use of space. The cost of installing such devices is significantly less than the price of furniture.

Kitchen cabinet opening mechanisms

With swivel mechanism

When pivoting opening, furniture hinges are used, which are designed for installation on various materials: wood, chipboard, MDF, fiberboard, metal and plastic. The hinge can be installed both inside and outside the cabinet body, thanks to which the fronts can be easily removed and hung.

Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

There are different types of hinges: four- and seven-hinge, which allow you to open and move the doors to the side. More sophisticated hinge models significantly reduce door hanging time.

The lifespan of the hinges depends on how often you use the doors. Leading manufacturers produce Grey shaker kitchen cabinets made of high quality and durable materials that can withstand hundreds of thousands of door opening and closing cycles.

The standard hinge opening angle is 95 °. In roll-out and rotating storage systems for corner kitchen cabinets, hinges with non-standard installation angles of 30 °, 45 °, 120 °, 135 °, 180 °, 270 ° (carousel hinges) are used.

With vertical opening

Modern kitchen manufacturers do not limit themselves to installing only hinged doors. By means of a convenient lifting mechanism, which can withstand a large load and significantly save space, it is possible to provide any way of opening the cabinet doors, for example, vertically upwards.

In addition, there are models of lifting kitchen mechanisms that provide autonomous operation without hinges.

Clicking on the facade

Improved lifts are used when installing upper fronts made of aluminum and chipboard without handles in high-tech kitchen furniture.

They are reliable, there is a possibility of adjusting the smoothness of the movement, in addition, such mechanisms are designed for 100 thousand door opening and closing cycles.

Now you can get any item you need from the shelf, since the door rises automatically, you just need to lightly press on its surface with your hand- the pusher will open the door to the end.

Upper kitchen cabinets

Upper kitchen cabinets are usually equipped with lifting tilt mechanisms. They are spring mechanical and gas.

Wholesale kitchen cabinets near me are convenient for large, one-piece facades, as well as kitchens with an overhanging canopy with built-in lights. You just need to pull the handle and the door will open smoothly up to the set fixing point.

The spring devices are reliable, but during their installation there is no provision for adjusting the spring force, therefore the doors do not have an intermediate position.

Most often, such mechanisms are installed on inexpensive kitchen sets. Currently, devices for raising facades with the ability to adjust the opening angle have been developed, but their price is quite high.


Folding mechanisms are designed to open double-leaf facades in multi-tiered wall cabinets. During the upward movement, the mechanism folds the two halves of the facade in the middle. The modern design of expensive kitchen sets provides for the presence of horizontally folding segments of the facades of floor-standing tall cabinets.


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