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Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Or Pulls; Which One To Choose

There are many combinations of pulls and knobs used separately or together in various custom cabinets san fransisco. Ultimately, the choice is that of the owner to decide on what looks the most appropriate fot their kitchen. Let’ compare the both and see their pros and cons.

Cabinet hardware serves the purpose of fuss free use of your quality kitchen cabinets sf as you get to open the cabinet or drawer without getting cooking oils or chicken juice directly on the cabinet finish. But there are some differences between pulls and knobs.

It has been observed that people generally use the thumb and one or two more fingers for opening cabinet knobs. The hand rotates naturally when the cabinet is swung open. Cabinet handles or pulls, on the other hand, might engage three or four fingers. This allows you to exert more force since you can get underneath the whole pull. Some people, however, find knobs for upper cabinets to be uncomfortable.

Vintage knobs, though classy can loosen and rotate over time. The quality kitchen cabinets sf are of prime quality and have sharp nibs which keep them in place. When choosing hardware for cabinets, you are better off going to the showroom to have a first-hand look.

For a cohesive look, you can choose to either have an all-knob or an all-pulll pattern for the doors and drawers in your kitchen. Knobs are a good design profile for traditional kitchen cabinet since they do not detract from the design style. Vintage kitchens usually come with knobs only models as that is what is favored in those hardware on cabinets.

The drawer and cabinet pulls compliment the modern squared-off styles like shaker or European flat-panel doors more. While the mount pulls on drawers is horizontal, the pulls on doors are vertical. For farmhouse-style kitchens, cup pulls are popular. Modern cabinets have sleek bars as standard choice.

Two designs of pulls or even knobs for that matter can be used if need be. Many people like to incorporate both. It is usually a combination of knobs and pulls in the kitchen. Perhaps the more popular design seen in the custom cabinets san fransisco is the pulls on all drawers and knobs on all cabinet doors. Using a knob on a drawer could give that “heavy” feel while using the drawer. On the other hand, a pull allows you to use more fingers and open the drawer easily.


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