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Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets

Is your kitchen lacking functionality? Turn it into something more than just a cooking spot! Various mechanisms for kitchen cabinets will help make it comfortable and convenient. Doors and pull-out drawers will be safer and easier to use, as well as allow for rational use of furniture.

Kitchen systems help make the use of cabinets, drawers and other furniture much more convenient. They are divided into several types, which differ in their principle of action:

Kitchen island design

Closer. Essentially, it is a spring mechanism in an oil or gas capsule. It helps to gently and quietly close cabinets. In appearance, this is an ordinary door hinge or a special device that is attached to the top of the cabinet.

Lifting mechanism. Provides both soft and quiet opening of horizontally oriented doors and facades, and reliably holds them in the required position.

In this article, we have listed some interesting Kitchen island design ideas that will go a long way towards making the most of your kitchen storage space.

These can be hidden niches, kitchen accessories, cabinets and shelves for things that usually do not have a separate place.

For example, jars of condiments will find their convenient and easily accessible place in a small and narrow cabinet hidden behind a column of a kitchen island. On the other side of the column, there may be a deeper cabinet or drawers.