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How To Remove Oil Stains In Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen is the hardest part of cleaning the house. For this reason, kitchen cleaning in the eyes of the ladies is quite large. Especially the fat accumulated in the cabinets is a nightmare because it will take a lot of power and many cleaners to clean it.

How to prevent fat formation in kitchen cabinets?

First of all, before you can clean the stains, dirt and oils that will occur in kitchen cabinets, you should think about how you prevent them from occurring. Because cleaning without dirt will require much less power and time.

First of all, you can spend five minutes daily and routinely pass over your kitchen cabinets with a damp cloth. This will prevent the formation of dirt and stains.

In particular, the most common cause of stains are the fingerprints that accumulate on the cupboard and stains that are transmitted through your hands.

Especially if the area around the cover handles is wiped with a damp cloth once a day, you will prevent a serious problem. Of course, there are almost inevitable oil stains that occur while cooking, which are difficult to remove.

How to clean oil stains in kitchen cabinets?

To prevent oil stains from forming and solidifying on your European style kitchen cabinets, they should be wiped immediately after cooking or frying especially with fat. Micro fiber cloth and a small amount of dish detergent will be enough for you as the oils will not be frozen while doing this.

Then dry the detergent on the cupboard with a damp cloth. However, if the oil spots are deepened and frozen, then it is possible that you may need more detergent for cleaning.

For example, you can wash your cloth with warm water and use degreasing detergents. Afterwards, you should clean your cabinets thoroughly with that damp cloth so that the detergent residues do not infect your hands and make you or your child sick.

Practical ideas to clean your kitchen cabinets

You can also do your kitchen cleaning with some natural products in the house in order not to damage your Frameless kitchen cabinets. In particular, you can use a piece of lemon and apple cider vinegar to wipe cabinets with oil stains.

Apple cider vinegar is a complete degreaser. Moreover, it is healthier than the chemical products you buy by giving money. You can wipe your cabinets with the help of apple cider vinegar and a warm cloth so that your cabinets suffer less damage and wear.

Things to be considered during cleaning

The most important thing to be aware of during cleaning is to clean your Shaker style cabinets without scratching and fading. For this, you should use a soft cloth. You should also use the detergent that is less damaging for your cabinets.

The stronger a detergent, the more it damages because the ingredients in it are very strong in terms of abrasion. If dust and dirt have accumulated on the surface of your cabinet and you wipe it with carelessness then this can cause scratches during wiping.


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