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How to Pick Out Color When Buying Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

When picking the best color for your kitchen cabinets wholesale, keep in mind that it has the power to fully transform a space. It has the potential to improve or detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home. This blog post from GRD, the recognized kitchen cabinetry experts, is for you if you're intending to choose a color for your kitchen cabinets. We'll go over a few useful hints that will come in handy during the selection process.

What to Keep in Mind?

Now, let's go over in detail what one should consider when purchasing kitchen cabinets wholesale from a reputable company like GRD.

  • The cabinet style: The cabinet style can serve as a guide because certain hues are better suited to certain cabinet kinds. Because the drawer is fitted inside the cabinet frame, an inset cabinet looks historic, so picking a light brown or modest cream tone is a good idea because it can add to its beauty. In addition, to create a contrast in the kitchen, dark mahogany can be used for simple cabinet styles.

  • The kitchen size: The size of the kitchen is important when choosing the proper color because it can open or close space. If you have a small kitchen, neutral colors should be preferred over dark ones to make the space appear larger. If you have a well-lit and larger room, you can choose bright hues like yellow, red, or orange. However, if you choose the latter color scheme, make sure to paint the walls a neutral color to achieve visual equilibrium, regardless of the size of the kitchen.

  • Present wall paint: Unless you're planning a total kitchen redesign, it's advisable to choose the cabinet color after examining the existing wall paint. If your walls are white, you can choose either white cabinetry or dark mahogany cabinetry, depending on your choices. Dark walls, on the other hand, go well with neutral-colored furniture.

  • The lighting: In most kitchens, the center is well-lit in comparison to the rest of the space. Because cooking and preparation take place at the kitchen island, many homeowners choose to concentrate their efforts there rather than elsewhere. However, if you want to install spotlights beneath cabinets in the upper portion of the kitchen to illuminate the countertop, make sure you pick a cabinet color that won't strain your eyes while you're working.


Instead of making a rushed decision when buying your kitchen cabinets wholesale, Think about redesigning the style of your kitchen with some helpful advice from our tips above. At GRD, we believe that the proper cabinet colors may miraculously transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Check out our offerings today.


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