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How To Make The Kitchen Even More Convenient? 10 Tips For Those Who Choose A Kitchen Set

A comfortable kitchen is made up of little things. We've put together ten effective tips to help you make the most of your living space and reduce fatigue while working in the kitchen.

1. Functional island

If possible, choose an island cuisine. Kitchens with Kitchen cabinets near me optimally comply with the “kitchen triangle” rule - the basis for a convenient and rational layout.

2. The technique is higher!

Now that the oven and hob are no longer an indivisible unit, there is no need to place the oven under the countertop. It is much more convenient to place it at chest level inside a pencil case. The same can be said for the dishwasher and microwave.

3. Consider open shelves

Open shelves can be useful if you place them directly next to the active work area and keep only the most essential items on them. This will significantly speed up the work in the kitchen - after all, to take the desired item, you just need to reach out.

4. Backlight is required!

Illumination is vital in the work area where food is prepared and cut. Optionally, the lighting can be installed inside the cabinets, making it easier to find the contents. In addition to a useful function, local lighting for the kitchen will add volume to the room and make it more attractive.

5. Use the inner surface on the doors

For storing spices and various light little things, narrow shelves on cabinet doors are perfect. Many Italian custom kitchens allow additional sections to be installed inside standard drawers.

6. Don't skimp on fittings

Silent closing White shaker kitchen cabinets, door closer and damper systems can be expensive, but the costs are worth it. Considering the number of times a day kitchen cabinets are opened and closed, the quiet and smooth running of the drawers will not seem superfluous.

7. Organize the space of corner cabinets

Corner cabinets are very spacious. However, they are not very convenient when you need to get objects lying against the back wall. Mechanisms such as roll-out baskets and carousels solve this problem.

8. Corner boxes instead of standard ones.

Another way of organizing storage in the corners is special boxes, which are “disguised” as two standard ones, but in fact are a single design.

9. Bottle cabinets - not just for bottles

Narrow cabinets with a drawer, often referred to as "bottle racks", will help you make full use of space where a full-size cabinet cannot fit. In addition to bottles, you can store any little things in them - spices, small containers, kitchen tools.

10. Order spacer inserts

Many manufacturers of kitchens for drawers offer special inserts that divide the space into convenient sections. This way every little thing will have its place in the drawer, and you can easily find and take what you need.


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