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How To Maintain And Clean Your Cabinets?

Maintaining your new design kitchen not only improves the useful life of cabinets but also gives your cabinet a long-lasting life that intensifies your enjoyment of the space.

The proper maintenance and cleaning of your kitchen include various tasks that are given below:

Use High-Quality Polish

Cleaning with high-quality polish will aid in protection from minor staining, scratching and excessive moisture, which will maintain the charm of your cabinets for a long time. Remember that, always choose a polish that is silicone or wax-free, and follow the manufacturer’s directions for applying.

Clean Once Every Week

If you use your kitchen often, then cleaning your cabinets once a week is necessary. The access grease and grim that buildup on your cabinets can destroy and ruin the style of your kitchen. Just a wipe with soft clothing with water or polish is enough to keep your real wood kitchen cabinets ever last shine.

Rub Spills Punctually

Sometimes, few substances become difficult to remove and with time it turns into a permanent stain or causes other damages. So, if a spill happens, wipe it immediately with a moist cloth or sponge and dry the surface instantly.

Keep Cabinet Surface Moisture Free

Moisture is the worst enemies of any Real Wood Kitchen cabinets finish and the cabinetry near to dishwasher and sinks most susceptible. So always dry the surface where the water spill to avoid any future damage.

Avoid Extremes Temperature

Extreme temperature can cause wood to expand and swell that weak and damage the surface finish of your cabinetry. Thus, always consider minor wrapping to go through one heating cycle before considering replacement.

Don't use Hard Cleaners

Hard cleaners are made for harsh surfaces, not for your fine and smooth cabinetry. So, always avoid hard cleaners that contain ammonia, organic solvents and

Say No to Waxes

Using varieties of artificial waxes could damage its natural finish and make it look unpleasant. If the cabinetry surface polish is getting faded with time, then use high-quality cream furniture polish instead of artificial was.

With such cleaning tips, you can keep your kitchen charmfor a long time. If you’re looking to give a change to your kitchen design with most trending kitchen cabinets then you must visit GRD, one of the best place to find the most traditional, vintage or modern Kitchen Cabinets.


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