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How to Hang Kitchen Cabinets: Tips from Ball Furniture

The upper tier of kitchen modules are pencil cases, showcases, bedside tables, corner ends. They must not only be properly assembled, but also hung correctly, so that under their weight they do not collapse on the head of the hostess.

Craftsmen of the GRDTLLC store told how to hang cabinets in the kitchen, taking into account the material of the walls and the type of fasteners. You will find step-by-step detailed instructions, which, we are sure, will be understood even by a beginner.

European style kitchen cabinets

General rules

Even before buying a kitchen unit, you probably already planned where to hang the kitchen cabinets. Let's recall the basic rules:

The height from the floor to the uppermost shelf of the wall cabinet is adjusted according to the dimensions. It should be such that the hostess and other family members have free access to the content.

The Upper Modules Must Not Block The Ventilation Holes.

It is necessary to maintain the correct spacing from the table top to the cabinet. According to experts, the minimum height is 45 combust the distance from 45 to 60 cm is considered convenient.

The mountings are selected taking into account the heavy loads and the type of walls.

Preparing The Walls

Modules are usually installed after renovation and finishing. But if the wall is crooked, it will have to be leveled before installing the cabinets.

Basic alignment methods:


Leveling with plasterboard boards.

In the age-old question: what should come first: installation of cabinets or installation of an apron, the experts are unambiguous. First, an apron is made, then the upper and lower modules are mounted.

Before starting work, using a level and a simple pencil, markings are made on the wall. The layout will allow you to hang your European style kitchen cabinets neatly.

Mount Selection

The furniture from the store is delivered without mounting hardware. The fittings are selected before hanging the cabinets. Let's analyze the popular options.

"Ear" or "loop" hanger- a metal plate with a slot for fastening. With one side it is screwed to the back or side wall of the module, the other is used to hang the head of a screw screwed into the wall. The hinge is the cheapest and easiest way to attach. But it is not designed for heavy loads.

Hanging corners - the same hinges, only bent 90 degrees. They can be attached to horizontal surfaces through slots. They are more reliable than a regular hinge, the suspension is adjustable if necessary.

The mounting plate consists of a metal strip and a canopy on a plastic housing with a hook for attaching to a rail. The bar is up to 3 m long. Attaches to the wall with dowels or self-tapping screws along the horizontal markings.

In this method of fastening, it is possible to adjust the position of the hooks. Wall-mounted Lowest price kitchen cabinets near me, when mounted on a strip, are located close to each other, the gaps are minimal.


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