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How to Hang Kitchen Cabinets: Tips from Ball Furniture

The upper tier of kitchen modules are pencil cases, showcases, bedside tables, corner ends. They must not only be properly assembled, but also hung correctly, so that under their weight they do not collapse on the head of the hostess.

Craftsmen of the GRDTLLC store told how to hang cabinets in the kitchen, taking into account the material of the walls and the type of fasteners. You will find step-by-step detailed instructions, which, we are sure, will be understood even by a beginner.

European style kitchen cabinets

General rules

Even before buying a kitchen unit, you probably already planned where to hang the kitchen cabinets. Let's recall the basic rules:

The height from the floor to the uppermost shelf of the wall cabinet is adjusted according to the dimensions. It should be such that the hostess and other family members have free access to the content.

The Upper Modules Must Not Block The Ventilation Holes.

It is necessary to maintain the correct spacing from the table top to the cabinet. According to experts, the minimum height is 45 combust the distance from 45 to 60 cm is