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How to Achieve the Antique White Look with White Kitchen Cabinets?

White Kitchen Cabinets can create any aesthetic you choose, whether it's a monochrome Antique kitchen or something distinctly new. Decision-making can be difficult when there are so many possibilities. So, to assist you with this endeavor, we'll go through how to use white cabinets to obtain that antique look in this blog.

How To Achieve An Antique White Look Using White Kitchen Cabinets:-

The term "antique white" does not imply that just one shade of white is appropriate for the look. In truth, your white kitchen cabinets require additional furnishings to fully stand out and bring that vintage design to life, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Pair it with GRD's Countertops:-

Granite countertops are still a choice for pairing with white cabinets. Because of their capacity to bring out the cabinetry's unique features and colors because granite comes in such a wide range of colors, your kitchen can have a variety of appearances. Natural tones contrast beautifully with black or darker hues in the traditional antique white.

Pair it with a GRD's Kitchen Island:-

When it comes to designing an antique look pairing a white kitchen with a kitchen island is a great idea. You don't have to stick to just one hue. Using a contrasting finish on a kitchen island cabinet can be a simple and effective method to establish a focal point in your kitchen while balancing classic antique whites. The Divinity Java wall cabinets in this room are accented with a bright blue.

Pair it with GRD's premium Dark flooring:-

Use a dark floor finish to juxtapose with your kitchen cabinets & Kitchen Island to make them stand out. Darker oak floors or tiles complement the white cabinetry and give it a more traditional aspect. It creates a unified, put-together environment that highlights the antique white cabinetry.

What to Keep In Mind for Antique White Look:-

You can use a range of finishing techniques when designing your dream kitchen look. Whites and off-whites are often not the right tint or tone for an antique look. The painted cabinets have a finish that fills in the gaps. Glazing has the advantage of being able to be as dark or light as desired. The wood in the kitchen cabinetry has been distressed, as shown on the right, to give it a rustic, lived-in, and welcoming look.


Antique white kitchen cabinets with a distressed finish harken back to a simpler era. The individuality of each cabinet door and drawer offers the sensation of an attractive residential environment, brimming with nostalgia. When coupled with practically every variety of vintage white, the multitude of traditional doors types available opens up a plethora of design possibilities.


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