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Furnishing A Modern Kitchen In The City, How To Do It in 5 Points

Furnish a modern kitchen, especially in the generally not too generous spaces of a city apartment. First of all, it means putting functionality and a rational vision of all the elements first.

A modern furniture designed to make the most of both the square meters available and the convenient opportunities of technology and materials, does not necessarily mean cold and aseptic furniture.

Espresso shaker cabinets

Indeed, a truly contemporary and "metropolitan" cuisine emphasizes aesthetics, while not conceding anything to the superfluous. It is therefore not a question of decorating the kitchen, rather of bringing out beauty and practicality together. How to furnish a modern kitchen?

First Tip: The materials

The use of materials remains fundamental in every kitchen. In this case it ranges, for furniture, from colored resins, to glass with special treatments, to metals, without forgetting precious woods.

Modern furniture, a few decades ago, saw the absolute domination of modular units, with the combination of containers and Espresso shaker cabinets.

Second tip: The dimensions to furnish a modern kitchen

Today, the volumes have changed. To take advantage of the height, an operation that is always important in order not to waste precious opportunities for containing dishes and food supplies.

More and more often 21st century Best quality kitchen cabinets near me enter the scene, with large elegant doors, arranged with shelves and deep compartments. Also to incorporate one or more appliances, such as oven (or ovens), refrigerator, freezer.

Third tip: The appliances of a modern kitchen

The appliances of a modern kitchen must be identified among the built-in ones: this aspect unites simple modern kitchens to luxurious ones, together with the arrangement of dining areas that allow a certain conviviality, far removed from the classic table.

You eat on counters, seated on high stools, chosen in styles that sometimes connect the place where you cook with the open living room, or take advantage of the support surface provided by the island, the module with more functions placed in the center of the room.

Fourth tip: furnish a modern kitchen with lighting

In addition to any technological invention, which allows for better efficiency, the “contemporary cook” cannot do without another essential item: lighting.

Sinks, stoves, worktops, placed taking into account the sources of natural light and the most common sequence of gestures in their use, will receive lighting from oriented spotlights or lamps of captivating design and considerable power, always suitably shielded so as not to dazzle.

Fifth tip: furnish a modern kitchen with accessories

As we have seen, trappings do not have citizenship. However, from the taps to the utensils, from the surfaces of the top to the colors, pieces will not enter that will not make an aesthetic contribution to the harmony of the environment.

Coordinating remains an essential rule. For pots, sets of knives, “gadgets” dear to gourmets, to be selected from among the creations of designers or avant-garde producers. Be they in steel, ceramic or plastic, to leave them visible and give them a reference to beauty in functionality.


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