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Flexible Kitchen Cabinets For The Heart Of The House

Kitchen cabinets near me

Finally, the shared flat life is over and you move into your own apartment and can furnish yourself according to your taste.

You are particularly looking forward to the kitchen - as a passionate hobby cook, you now have enough space in the kitchen cupboards to stow your pots, pans and one or the other electrical appliance.

Here you can find out what you should consider when buying and what types of cabinets there are.

Kitchen Cabinets: Overview Of Utensils And Supplies

Kitchen furniture can be systematically and precisely grouped around the stove, sink and refrigerator. The cabinets are designed so that you can stow away your cooking utensils quickly and easily.

Practical equipment features such as sliding and revolving doors, solid worktops, pull-outs and internal drawers ensure an undisturbed workflow and sufficient freedom of movement.

Individually assembled cabinets offer a lot of flexibility and can also be easily arranged in a new room after moving, for example. If you move into a larger apartment, you can easily expand the existing kitchen base units into a cooking island.

Conversely, you can reduce your modular cabinets to a compact kitchenette in no time at all, which you can add, for example, with a few kitchen wall cabinets or corner base cabinets.

Designed To Fit: Overview Of The Models

Best price Kitchen cabinets are available in many coordinated designs that you can put together in modules - depending on how you want to set up your kitchen and what the space allows.

If you stick to one series, you can combine models of different heights and widths. You can choose from these cabinet models.

Kitchen Base Units: Are The Foundation Of The Kitchen

The foundation of a kitchen consists of the kitchen base units. They carry the worktops on which food and dishes are prepared and which should therefore be at an ergonomic height suitable for your height.

Resilient interior shelves and spacious drawers hold heavy pans, pots and kitchen utensils, but also cutlery in such a way that you can reach everything easily and comfortably.

Corner base units are often equipped with revolving doors and rondels - this means that the entire space in the base unit is used and you can access the contents quickly and easily.

Kitchen Cupboards: Do Not Take Up Any Floor Space

Lighter kitchen utensils, frequently used spices and dishes can be found in Kitchen cabinets near me that do not take up any floor space and are attached to the wall.

You can easily reach cups, plates and bowls at head height and there is space for LED lights on the underside of the furniture, which you can use to illuminate your work area while cooking.

Sink Cabinets: Opaque Front For Order

In sink cabinets, less attractive things like water connections disappear behind a door front and you also get a little extra space to store and stow other utensils.

Sink cabinets are available with and without an integrated built-in sink, with a door and plinth for a dishwasher or as extra-wide versions with an additional drawer cabinet.

Convertible Cupboards: Ensure a Uniform Look

Convertible cabinets combine the flexibility of individual cabinets with the advantages of a fitted kitchen: You can accommodate your fitted kitchen electrical appliances in this furniture so that the stove, hob, refrigerator and oven match the rest of the design of your kitchen.


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