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Farm Sinks: Defying Age And Style

Farm sinks has become a go-to and extremely popular sink model style-savvy homeowners today, and for a good reason – these sinks offer a blend of function and graceful style which has stood the test of time. The reason why it continues to soar in popularity is because of the apron front for easy access.

While today’s sinks are not meant for much of rigorous cleaning and washing, the earliest farmhouse sinks were strictly kitchen workhorses. Add to that the styling which goes into today’s farm sink was never a point of concern back in the day.

The genesis of such sink dates back to the 17th century in Ireland and Britain, the farmhouse sink was shaped by necessity since a lack of indoor plumbing required water to be fetched by hand.

As since was an all-purpose workstation, from preparing food to cleaning laundry and washing children, it needed to be deep and comfortable to use. The popularity of these kind of sink broke the geographical barriers making way into France by the late 19th century, eventually moving into the United States in the 1920’s.

Our range of farm sinks transform the traditional apron front aesthetic with the most popular modern sink material – stainless steel – to create a clean contemporary look. Made from extra-thick gauge steel, this sink is extremely durable and dent resistant.

The biggest style factor that comes into play is its tight radius corner which makes the farm sink statement piece, offering a modern feel with unparalleled functionality.

The commercial grade satin finish is highly wear-resistant and easy to clean, and a brilliant soundproofing technology makes this one of the quietest sinks on the market. The design profile has brought about the classic look of an apron front sink with clean lines and sharp edges for today’s kitchens

Perhaps the best utility it comes with is the integrated workstation ledge that supports slide-on accessories for an unrivaled experience in versatility. With these amalgamations of traditional form coupled with advanced functionality and innovative material, these farm sinks surely hold the promise to be the things of the future.


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