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Differences Between Island Kitchens And Peninsula Kitchens

Many people think that a kitchen with an island and a kitchen with a peninsula are the same, but no; It is not like this! What's more, if you have to find a culprit for all this confusion, you would certainly have to point out the real estate rental and sale companies.

Most of these companies have been using these terms incorrectly in their ads for a long time. But, in this post kitchen designers are going to put an end to this misunderstanding and, in addition, they will help you clarify which kitchen best suits your needs. Let's see!

Differences between kitchen with island and kitchen with peninsula

Having an island kitchen is the dream of may Indians; Well, when people fantasize about the perfect kitchen, they always imagine a room with the characteristics of a kitchen island design.

This is largely due to the fact that Hollywood films have been “bombarding” our minds with this type of cuisine for many years. The detail is that not everyone can make this dream come true because it is necessary to have a lot of space.

Yes, as you read, a large kitchen is required. Now, there is a similar element that is confused with peninsula kitchens; and the latter is like a small adaptation to island kitchens.

Let's see where the difference lies:

Kitchen with island

The kitchens of this style are made up of a set of furniture that act as agent organizer, storage and work surface.

And not only that, these pieces of furniture can be accessed from all four sides, they are also not bolted to any wall and are located near the area where food is prepared.

Kitchen with peninsula

Like the kitchen islands, the protagonists are the furniture that works as organizers, storages and work surfaces, however, they can only be accessed on three sides because they are anchored to the wall on one side.

Kitchen with island or kitchen with peninsula, which one do I choose?

Now that you know the difference between both design kitchens , experts can only clarify that both can contain the sink, the stove or the hob , the only thing is that when choosing you must consider the size of the room.

So, you will have to measure the meters of your kitchen well and check if you have enough space to work or move comfortably.

Both kitchen island design and peninsulas are perfect for open spaces. It is precisely at this point where you can take advantage of them, not only because they provide functionality, but also establish a good connection between the two environments.

In fact, a few benches on the opposite side of the kitchen would make the whole room an office. So, this place in the house would become a meeting space after creating an informal dining room.

As you can imagine, choosing between an island or a peninsula will depend on the size you have set aside for the kitchen, but whatever your choice, both options are quite functional.


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