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Cleaning of MDF Kitchen Cabinets

Grease films, smells, and stubborn traces of dirt: kitchen cabinets often present real challenges when cleaning. The easiest and most effective way to clean kitchen cabinets, and which proven home remedies can help, read in this post.

Basically; the more often kitchen cabinets are cleaned, the less the cleaning effort. Soiling, spills and films of grease should be removed as often as possible.

This means a lot of effort, especially with kitchen cupboards, since the entire cupboard must first be cleared out. After cleaning, everything has to be put back in the closet. Frequent cleaning is still essential.

Cleaning agent for hard soiling

If dirt is very stubborn and sticky and often traces of nicotine on the outside also contribute to the dirt, it is best to use really effective cleaning agents:

  • Car window cleaner or

  • Rim cleaning spray

Both are unproblematic for most kitchen surfaces and have a very high cleaning power even with sticky dirt. Before using it, you should test in an inconspicuous place whether the kitchen is up to the cleaner, or whether there are unsightly stains or discoloration. Usually this is not the case.

Both vinegar and citric acid are good degreasers and general cleaners too. Both bind unpleasant odors very well and are also disinfecting to a certain extent, so that mold and microbes that can cause odors in the