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Classic To Modern: Which Kitchen Cabinet Is Right For You?

Above all, a kitchen has to be functional. Kitchen cabinets help sort and store all kinds of kitchen utensils. Wall units and base units with drawers and doors are available here individually. So you can freely assemble your kitchen.

In the kitchen, storage space, functionality and space for cooking are essential. A hanging cabinet is ideal for storing plates, cups and other dishes. A tall cabinet is particularly suitable for storing supplies.

Base cabinets are the substructure for the work surface, but also offer space for pots, pans and other items. There are special kitchen cabinets for corners. By a corner base unit every corner can be used in space.

Wholesale kitchen cabinets near me

Base Wholesale kitchen cabinets near me should not be missing in any kitchen. The practical cabinets not only offer a lot of space, but also the basis for the worktop. GRDTLLC also offers affordable worktops. The different kitchen series can be delivered already assembled. The different cabinets are ideally matched to each other and to the worktop.

Worktops: different surfaces to choose from

The worktops of kitchen furniture are made of sealed plywood or real wood, ceramic, glass, concrete, marble, stainless steel, artificial stone or natural stone. They have a lot to do and have to stand up to our culinary skills every day.

Stone slabs are usually easy to care for. If you want a natural look in your kitchen, you can use a solid wood worktop. These are particularly thick and make the kitchen nice and cozy. However, a cutting board should be placed underneath to work or to cut food.

Elegant to rustic: that fits your style

The design of kitchen cabinets ranges from a modern high-gloss look to a cozy country house style. Therefore, choose furniture that corresponds to your personal well-being and harmonizes with the rest of the furnishings. Here is a brief overview.

Country house style: homely and natural

Do you feel particularly comfortable in the most natural surroundings possible? Then kitchen cabinets, in which the wood character comes into its own, fit perfectly.

Types of wood such as beech, oak or pine with a visible structure create a bright and cozy atmosphere. Alternatively, the furniture is simply glazed white. Romantic wooden ornaments, filigree handles, lattice windows and worktops made of natural stone underline the character.

Classic living style: durable and timeless

Restrained furniture and rather subtle colors characterize classic kitchen furniture. Noble types of wood such as walnut or cherry tree create a timelessly elegant look that is still cozy.

White shaker kitchen cabinets or beige also hold back with their simple design and underline the elegant style. The furniture handles are ornate and of high quality.

Modern style: reduced and simple

Modern kitchens are characterized by simple and reduced furniture in restrained colors such as white or black. They are often combined with glossy surfaces in red or blue, this creates a fresh look.

Glass doors, chrome panels and Handleless fronts emphasize the slightly cool elegance. The modern style is rounded off with a matching glass dining table and chairs with metal legs.


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