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Best Ways to Incorporate Quality Kitchen Cabinets into Your Aesthetic

Kitchens in the modern day are more stylish and useful. When creating a kitchen, and installing high-quality kitchen cabinets, designs, their placement, dimension, and number are all important aspects to consider. Kitchens are no longer considered utilitarian spaces and are just tucked away in one corner of the house. If you're planning to include a kitchen in your new home design, there are a few tried-and-true methods that can help you find the perfect blend of kitchen cabinets.

Best Practices for Quality

Strike a Balance

Cabinetry and shelves in a well-balanced kitchen are created with the kitchen's intended use in mind. Smaller and lighter objects are typically stored in upper cabinets. Dinner sets, glassware, seasonings, and other items may be included. Heavy objects, such as large pots and pans, are stored in lower cabinets.

It should be kept to a bare minimum.

Fewer, higher-quality kitchen cabinets on the upper floors can assist in streamlining the aesthetic of the kitchen, making it appear more open, airy, and uncluttered. Keeping upper cabinets to a minimum also leaves more room for wall art or photographs, adding a unique personal touch. One can also display their favorite dishes on open shelves like the one below.

Work Well With the Drawers

You can see all of the contents, even those at the back, without having to bend over as you would with cabinets because drawers can be pulled out.

Balance the contrast.

You can balance the upper and lower cabinets by painting them in complementary colors. To create a difference between the two levels, use a light finish on the upper cabinets as well as a darker or duller finish on the lower cabinets. You might also use glass for the upper cabinets, which helps to give the kitchen a brighter, airier aspect comparable to floating shelves.

Use with Open Shelves

Open shelving is a terrific alternative to upper cabinets, especially if you want to exhibit a collection of attractive cookware, dishware, and other items. This will give your kitchen design a touch of personality. The remainder of the kitchen can be kept simple and subdued to counteract this.


Contact GRD's design team for assistance in determining which high-quality kitchen cabinet styles, materials, and color combinations will work best in your space.


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