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Bathroom vanity: which material to choose?

It's time to redo the bathroom! You've been dreaming about it for ages, and finally, your spouse has just given you the green light. Wait a minute! Before giving free rein to your ideas of greatness, it is better to stay on the cow floor and ask yourself what will be the use you will make of this space.

If you are 6 people in your house, maybe you want to prioritize efficiency and ease of cleaning, for example and then, there are so many things to choose from! The floor, the shower, the toilet, the sink and the bathroom vanity. Even the Bathroom vanity wholesale is available in a host of materials, all of which have their pros and cons.

Some details to consider

There are plenty of possibilities for your bathroom vanity, but always keep in mind that this is a room where there will be a lot of humidity, splashes of toothpaste and soap and heat. Certain materials will certainly seem attractive to you, but are they easy to maintain? When you know the amount of time you spend scrubbing that room, then the cleaning aspect becomes particularly important.

For each material there is a range of price and quality; do not neglect this aspect and also think about the arrangement of your furniture in the room. The style you want to give to your bathroom comes into play: you will not choose the same materials if you want a contemporary finish, a p