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All possible style that you can make with white shaker kitchen cabinets

No matter what style you prefer, white shaker kitchen cabinets can be used to create a kitchen that reflects your individuality. It's as simple as picking the right door design for your selected style and adorning and decorating your kitchen to your satisfaction. Here are five different white kitchen cabinet design styles to consider:

Style of White Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional: White shaker kitchen cabinets are a classic choice. It's all about the details in traditional kitchens. Cabinetry featuring glazed raised panels and elegant oil-rubbed bronze hardware adds to the eye-catching architectural aspects already present. The black cabinetry on the island in this two-tone kitchen adds visual contrast to the room and keeps it from feeling too monotonous.

Classic: Classic and traditional kitchens are not the same thing, even if the terms are commonly used interchangeably. Classic kitchens, in contrast to traditional kitchens, are simpler and more muted. Traditional kitchens can have a variety of cabinet colors, but white cabinetry is nearly always the focal point. A classic kitchen is probably not for you if you like bright colors, as black and white is the chosen color scheme in classic kitchens. The above kitchen uses a neutral palette to highlight the white cabinetry; contrasting black and white stone countertops and grey subway tile add interest without overpowering the white cabinets.

Cottage: With only traces of pastel blue and green flora, this cottage-style kitchen embraces white totally, opting for a completely monochrome aesthetic. Of course, your cottage kitchen doesn't have to be so stark; using other pastel colors might assist in enhancing the comfort that cottage kitchens are known for. If you want to go for a cottage look, go for simple shaker cabinetry with cup pulls of your choice.

Industrial: Neutral colors and natural features dominate industrial kitchens. Rustic woods, stone, and metals should be complementing materials in your white kitchen cabinets, just as they are in the kitchen shown above. The prominent metal pieces are contemporary stainless steel appliances and industrial-style pendant lights, though you may certainly add more. Exposed wood beams are a classic industrial feature, while stone floors and counters tie everything together. You can choose from a variety of white cabinet styles for your industrial-inspired kitchen, however simpler is better.

Eclectic: White kitchens don't have to be boring or monotone. On the other hand, white kitchen cabinets are the ideal canvas for mixing and matching your favorite colors, materials, and textures. An eclectic-style kitchen is your best bet if you're opposed to the limits of traditional and classic design trends. It's important not to go overboard while designing a unique and eclectic kitchen. A bright green paint hue, eye-catching orange hanging lights, muted blue-grey mosaic backsplash tile, and wood pieces in varied but similar tones are used in the kitchen above. All of these features work together to give otherwise plain white shaker cabinets a personality boost.


If there's one certain thing, it's that the popularity of white shaker kitchen cabinets isn't going away anytime soon, and that's understandable. White cabinetry is the ultimate blank canvas when it comes to building your dream kitchen. Choose from a large selection of kitchen cabinets to take your kitchen to the next level.


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