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6 Tricks For Making A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Kitchen Cabinets

If you have a small or open kitchen, then don't fret because it's entirely (and maybe easily) possible to design a space that will not only manage to respond to all your family’s culinary needs.

From emphasis lighting and zonal layouts to creative storage and open shelving, here are some essentials you require making the most of in your small open kitchen. With the help of these design elements and Kitchen cabinets, your small kitchen can be big on style and functionality.

Add Some Colour

Adding some colour to your kitchen is one of the low-cost simple updates that make your space feel bigger and better. According to the recent trends, white colour is the most used kitchen colour for visually opening up space.

If you like something brighter than yellow colour can create a welcoming and sunny environment in your kitchen. Some other colours, like green and teal, are the best for shades that add finishing touch to a white kitchen.

Use Geometric Designs

At this moment, Geometric Pattern design is used for its fashionable interior design. A geometric pattern can draw the eye vertically that gives the sense of a bigger kitchen. For example, using urban subway tiles can give you a sense of opening up the most minuscule area. If you don't want to spend too much time on your kitchen renovation, then geometric floor tiles could be the best choice for you.

Styling With Mirrors

Using mirrors in the kitchens makes it feel more spacious, but surprisingly, most people use it in the bathroom or bedroom instead of using mirrors in the kitchen.

Thus, using a super-size mirror that covering one wall can look extremely fascinating, especially when reflecting back a table or kitchen worktop which is lying flush against it. You can also add mirrored splashback or mirrored cupboards to produce the same illusion.

Open Kitchen Shelving

Open kitchen shelling allows a more airy and spacious look to your kitchen. If you remove some cabinet door and take a step back, you will immediately realise the illusion of more space.

Perhaps this trick can only work if your cupboards aren’t currently bursting. However, if you have cluttered shelves, you will only secure space feel even smaller!

Decorate Cabinet lighting

Designing lighting creates a seemingly larger kitchen. The bigger and lighter space the better the bigger it looks. Also, natural light is preferable, so if you have the opportunity to put in lights or glass doors this will make your kitchen immediately feel larger.

But before doing it, make sure that you don't use a lampshade that decreases the amount of light. Spotlights are ideal for maximum light.


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