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5 Frameless Cabinet Benefits Worth Considering

1. Frameless Cabinets Are Generally More Affordable

Affordability is the first factor which makes the frameless cabinets worth consideration. Compared to the framed cabinet, the cost of builds or even getting a new one straight from the showroom is cheaper. Another interesting thing to note is that framed cabinets can be made to have the same “full overlay look” as frameless cabinets, although this usually comes with an upcharge.

2. Going Frameless Offers Increased Storage

No homemaker would like to see the struggle for crammed space. The frameless kitchen cabinets do not include a center stile, or a bulky slab of wood that comes down in between two cabinet doors. Therefore, you have the luxury to have two cabinets side by side without the stile getting in the way of storage space. This really adds up to the additional few inches which one usually looks for. This elimination of the face frame and going ‘frameless’ is often referred to as “full access” cabinetry. The result- more style and space which lets you access.

3. Contemporary Appeal</