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The Style You Got to Look for Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are an essential component of a kitchen to say the least. Therefore, one has to be absolutely certain about what to look for and what style is best suited to the kitchen’s set up and personal preference as well. So let’s look at the common kitchen sink styles:

1. Single Bowl

Just what it sounds like, a single bowl sink gives you more room to maneuver—especially when space is limited. If you clean a lot of large items, a single bowl will make the job a lot easier, as well as easier to clean since it lacks dividers and crevices.

2. Double Bowl

Double bowls optimize the flexibility of your kitchen sink by giving you different areas to multitask. Be aware of the type of cooking, and therefore cleaning, you do so you can match the size of the basins to your needs. Consider differing sizes in the bowls if you have a variety of items to clean, including the depth of the bowl

3. Farmhouse

This is the style of sink you should choose if you want to make a statement. Farmhouse sinks have a large, forward facing decorative section that replaces part of your counter. While it’s conventionally used in traditional or country style homes, lately it’s been used with more modern styles. You can use any material to make this bold sink, however, your counter must be designed to accommodate the install, which can get pricey.

4. Undermount

Undermounts, as the name implies, seamlessly drop down from the countertop. They have a clean and modern look but are more expensive than topmounts since they have to be glued to the underside of the counter. A key thing to note is that you need to leave some room to cut a hole for the faucet since they don’t come with one.

5. Topmount

This is the easiest style of sink to install if you’re on a budget or are DIYing your kitchen sink. You simply drop it into a hole on the counter. Though it’s not as sleek and can get dirty in the seal between counter and sink, a topmount sink has everything you need included.

6. Commercial

Whether you cook a lot, use a lot of big items or just like the style of a professional sink, this sink will certainly stand up to anything you throw at it or in it. Made with heavy-gauge steel, freestanding and extremely durable, professional sinks have lots of washing space and are very easy to clean. The added bonus? You don’t have to figure out how to fit it into your counter.

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