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How to furnish your kitchen in the Shaker style?

If in the kitchen you are looking for a clean and rigorous style but with a retro touch, the Shaker style is definitely for you! This typically American trend is ideal for those looking for a compromise between minimal style and vintage furniture. But how to furnish the kitchen with White shaker cabinets San Diego? What are the pieces of furniture that cannot be missing? Follow our tips for a perfect American style kitchen.

The Shaker can be defined as the forerunner of modern minimalism: rigor, order and clean lines are the predominant characteristics of this trend. But unlike minimalism, the Shaker style has kept its retro imprint, becoming a timeless classic.

Simple shapes, an impeccable order, the choice of practical and multipurpose accessories, the enhancement of the precious essences of oak, beech and maple, a colour palette that revolves around soft shades: this is what makes a shaker-style kitchen unique.

The shaker style cabinets are aesthetically flawless to satisfy the need for elegance and, at the same time, to meet the needs of needs for efficiency and economy.

So, if you are looking for a style that is the right compromise between minimal and vintage, surely the Shaker is the right trend for you! Would you like to furnish the kitchen in perfect American style? Follow our advice and find out what are the essential elements to furnish the kitchen by opting to buy white shaker kitchen cabinet.

The colour palette is based on light and luminous shades, mainly neutral; in the Shaker style, white is the main colour, flanked by shades of grey and beige. No room for bold shades: in the Shaker philosophy, colour is considered an accessory and aims to make rooms airy and bright.

The few hints of colour instead belong to the furnishings, all made of wood and with a lean and essential design: green, brown, dark grey and blue, always flanked by the presence of neutrals.

Walls and floor

The prevailing impression that one has in an environment furnished in Shaker style is a feeling of general order and cleanliness, which comes from the essentiality of the shapes but above all from the brightness of the walls.

To furnish the kitchen in perfect Shaker style, start by painting the walls: white is certainly a great ally to give the environment an immediate brightness, as well as a sense of airiness and cleanliness. But beige and grey are also perfect when used in more subdued and delicate shades.

These colours are also ideal for the choice of flooring: the laminate is perfect for obtaining a parquet wood effect, without running the risk of ruining a real parquet in a chaotic and humid environment such as the kitchen.

Shaker kitchen furniture

The kitchen represents the place in the house where functionality and design coexist: the choice of furniture, therefore, must favour clean and essential lines, as well as respond to criteria of practicality and comfort.

The Shaker aesthetic fully reflects a philosophy of life marked by essentiality, where frills and decorations have no place.


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