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Are Frameless Cabinets Good For The Kitchen?

frameless kitchen cabinets

While designing the kitchen of your dream, one thing that you should consider between frameless or framed cabinets. Both of the option offers a fully functional cabinet that present of unique benefits but each of them is different.

Now, you may be wondering, whether frameless cabinets an excellent choice for your kitchen remodel. In most of the cases, people prefer frameless cabinets because of following benefits. Let's look at these benefits and understand why people prefer frameless cabinets over framed cabinets.

More Economical

Compare to the framed cabinets, frames cabinets required less material mean they are much cheaper. Interestingly, the frameless cabinets are made up of same full overlay look like framed cabinets, although this usually comes with an up charge.

More Storage

Usually, the frameless cabinets don't come with center stile, or a bulky slab of wood that could that breaks down in between two cabinet doors. Without any face frame, it will provide you some additional inches per cabinet, that really adds up.

The elimination of face frame and choosing frameless is often referred to as full access cabinetry, especially because this style makes accessing items in your cabinets much easier.

Modern Touch

If you're looking for a more modern look, frameless kitchen cabinets offer the most appropriate option. The smooth design of frameless kitchen provides the more simplistic look characterised by modern design. Indeed, the modern style is all about putting things simple, that's why more and more people choose the frameless kitchen cabinets.

Unique Design

Just they are missing the face frame, it doesn't mean they are missing any style. They are available in many different styles and allowing limitless opportunities for your kitchen design.

Frameless cabinets can also be customised to meet your preference and requirements covering style and functionality. Their customisable hinges give you to open cabinets partially or fully in accordance with the correct arrangement of cabinet doors, for instance if cabinets are tucked at an angle.


At the end, all the things boild down to your particular style and taste that you want to achieve. Therefore, make sure to look at the plenty of frameless and framed cabinets option before choosing the right one that suits your requirements.


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